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Cylia: 5 years have gone. As some of you noticed, this year hasn’t been easy, but there’s a new chapter coming very soon.

I still very much believe in this brand and in YOU. I will always fight for what I believe in: what comes from the heart. All the (personal) interactions, reviews, conversations we’ve had over DM, emails, offline and in our showroom the past 5 years (you know who you are!). They mean a lot.

I have put all my time, heart and soul into Palaver. So much that I probably know most of you by name, we have talked for quite some time and I most likely know what you’ve ordered.

We’ve always had a small team and as a owner you try to go above and beyond. Something very special and close to my heart that we’ve built together since 2018.

It’s TIME for a new palette, fresh colours, going back to my initial vision and even more focus on sustainability. 

Sharing some BIG news…

We are changing our name! That means all our stock with a Palaver label need to go.


We’re sad to say goodbye to former business partner Aliska who no longer will be part of the brand. I’d like to thank Aliska and Ferry for their hard work the past couple of years. We’ve all learned so much about doing business together. As we part ways I’m wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

EVERYTHING needs to go...

Because of the volume of orders, a delay may be expected. Bare with us while we package your order with care.

SALE is FINAL because of the name change. Please order with this in mind.

Hope you can help move stock and make a fresh start next year.

50% OFF on all items with the code: NEWNAME

More will be revealed as we go towards 2024. 


If you've been with us for a while you probably remember one of these events:

2018: our very first shoot photographed by Annemarie Janssen with Romy Boomsma, Carolijn Braeken and Graciela Gauna

2019: a memorable shoot SS19 we had with Romy Boomsma, Chloe Chante, Carolijn Braeken, Rachel Siwaletti and Nina Pierson. Photographed by Annemarie Janssen

2019: our 1-year anniversary brunch photographed by Jimena Gauna

2021: our very first pop-up in the beautiful Vijzelgracht space of The Playing Circle

2022: the opening of our showroom on The Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

I will reveal more about the exciting changes and what’s to come in 2024 the coming weeks. I’d love to chat more via DM on my personal account @cylia.herbertson if you have any questions and want to know more. You are very valuable to me and the future of the brand. I have always loved interacting with you!
Lots of love, Cylia