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Article: JUNO Knit - All You Need To Know

JUNO Knit - All You Need To Know

JUNO Knit - All You Need To Know



All you need to know about our JUNO KNIT.

You can find the FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) at the end of this article.

Meet our JUNO knitwear. We made a beautiful knit cardigan that you can easily combine with the rest of your wardrobe.

Soft and silky to touch with the lustre of a rare alpaca fiber blended with superfine wool. 75% Superfine Wool. 25% Baby Suri Alpaca. Knitted in Portugal. Yarn spun in Italy.

Superfine Wool

Superfine wool is renowned for its high quality and is softer and smoother to touch than normal wool and provides warmth while being very lightweight.

But that is not all. The yarn is stronger and softer and more even because, at equal yarn count there are more superfine wool fibres in the cross section compared to normal wool.

Baby Suri Alpaca

Suri is a special type of alpaca and makes up less than 10% of the peruvian alpaca population. Suri fibres are more similar to natural silk and the fibres used by the atelier are from the first sheering of the suri alpaca. Not only soft and luxurious but also durable fibre. 

Wool is 100% traceable

Wool is certified SustainaWOOL. Wool is 100% traceable. Wool that is 100% traceable means that each lot of wool can be traced back to the farm of origins through the Chain of Custody method.

SustainaWOOL™ defines minimum acceptable standards for sheep welfare, minimum standards for good farm management practice, work, health and safety, and the standards of facilities through which sheep and wool pass sets out requirements for wool preparation by trained and/or careful shearers, the wool is prepared and compliant with the AWEX Standard: Wool Classer Code of Practice, and that the wool is classed by a registered Professional or Owner wool classer.

Sizing and fit
Our JUNO Knit has an oversized fit. One size fits all.

Onze size fits all (sizes 34 (XS) to size 40 (L)). And One size fits all size 42 (XL), 44 (XXL) or 46 (3XL).

Suggested Care Instruction

  • Cold hand wash 
    • Do not tumble dry 
      • Do not soak 
        • Dry flat 
          • Use delicate detergent for wool or cashmere 
            • Superfine wool garments do not need frequent cleaning. They do not retain odors but if exposed to odor (for example, in a restaurant) it is enough to hang them in fresh air. 

            FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

            1. What is the length of the JUNO Knit + the arm sleeve length?

            See exact measurements below:

            JUNO Knit - (One Size Fits All). Size 34 (XS) to size 40 (L)

            34 (XS) 36 (S) 40 (M) 42 (L)
            Bust 55.5cm 55.5cm 55.5cm 55.5cm
            Hem 47.5cm 47.5cm 47.5cm 47.5cm
            Sleeve 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm
            Centre back 64cm 64 64cm 64cm
            JUNO Knit - (One Size Fits All). Size 42 (XL) to size 46 (3XL)
            42 (XL) 44 (XXL) 46 (3XL)
            Bust 59cm 59cm 59cm
            Hem 47.5cm 47.5cm 47.5cm
            Sleeve 64cm 64cm 64cm
            Centre back 67cm 67cm 67cm


            2. Why is it so costly?

            Our JUNO Knit is priced at €425.

            This is a combination of how the yarn is made, the type of yarn, pattern and cardigan and how the knit is made.

            Below some detailed information:

            • The JUNO knit is made from a chunky yarn. this means that even though each strand of wool is so thin, its spun together to make a heavy-weight thick yarn with at least 12 strands of threads. Heavier weighted yarns have a higher price point
            • Wool is pricey because wool fibres are durable, warm but breathable and weather resistant.
            • The finer the wool, the thinner each strand is which means it takes more wool to create the cardigan. we use super fine wool. 
            • The wool is superfine wool (not just normal wool). Superfine wool is the highest quality of wool (so is more expensive than normal wool). Yarn made from superfine wool is stronger, softer and more even because at the same yarn count there are so many more super yarn fibres at a cross section compared to normal wool. thats why our juno knit is not itchy at all
            • The superfine wool is 100% traceable (which means it costs more than wool that is not traceable) 
            • We also use SustainaWOOL which means that the welfare of the sheep is taken into account. Standards for good farming practices must be met to ensure that the sheep are taken care of properly. More expensive than wool that does not care about treatment of sheep. 
            • Alpaca is rare so is more pricey - There are an estimated 4 million alpacas worldwide and only 10% of them are SURI alpaca (which is what we use in the JUNO knit).  Compare this with around 450 million cashmere goats.  
            • Alpaca has a similar luxurious softness of cashmere but is more durable and far more hard wearing. A lot of the strength comes from the fact that the staple (length of the fibres) are longer in alpaca than sheep and goats.
            • also we use the baby alpaca hairs which means that its the BEST softest and silkiest quality, its from the alpaca's first sheer. 

            Basically we use the best of the best wool and the best of the best alpaca and made a cardigan out of it.

            The knit has taken a year and a half to develop. We are so happy with it. From the quality and lovely soft and silkiness of the yarn to the unique sizes of the stitches.

            We can't wait for you to feel and wear it in real life!

            3. Do you have any plans to make more colours?

            Our JUNO Knit is available in the colour Taupe and Walnut.

            We won't be making more colours of our JUNO Knit at the moment. We have made a limited amount.

            Once they sell out, we won't be making more.

            Now available online

            4. I'm always cold! Is it warm enough? 

            Yes. It's so warm! You won’t believe how warm it is until you’ve tried it on. Our JUNO Knit is made out of a chunky yarn. Wool in itself is already very warm, but our combination of yarn makes it both soft and very warm to wear. It's even warm enough to be able to wear it as an in between seasons jacket! So you won't be cold at all when wearing it. 

            If you're always cold: our JUNO Knit is made for you. You will be grabbing this knit in those cold, chilly mornings, but also grab it when going for an afternoon walk and cosy evenings inside. And the best part, it instantly looks good. All you need to wear is our JUNO Knit and you're ready to go.

            We have tested it on how warm it is, how soft the wool is (not itchy) and how you can style it.


            If you have any more questions about sizing or fit, don't hesitate to contact us and send us a private message on Instagram. We can send you more photos and videos examples.

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