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"We both started in fashion because we couldn’t help ourselves but dream of and create clothing, it felt like a force bigger than both of us. As we made our way into the fashion industry, it quickly dawned on us, how many decisions we made were directly linked to sustainability: from design, to sourcing, to finance, to our diaries. We realised that with every decision we made we had a choice to stay committed, commit or re-commit to our values, choosing ethical: love for the people now & choosing sustainable: love for the generations to come."

PALAVER clothing is sewn in Poland and all our knitwear is made in Portugal.

We are constantly learning, evaluating and re-evaluating our approach to sustainability. These are evolving and will change, but we wanted to be clear with you about the steps we are taking and commitments that we are standing by in our designs, supply chain and daily work. We commit to:

  • 80% seasonless pieces (not trending pieces) We create each of these pieces with longevity and durability in mind.
  • 80% clothing items made of 100% biodegradable fabrics e.g. 100% linen and 100% cotton.
  • Compostable & Recyclable Packaging.  
  • Local EU Production where workers are protected by EU law and standards.

All PALAVER clothing is made in Poland, and all our knitwear is made in Portugal. We have spent a lot of time investing in the relationships with our makers to ensure our visions and values are aligned. We visit the ateliers and are also in close contact with them (we speak to them weekly). Choosing local EU production means our ateliers are all within the EU where there is a minimum working age and no child labor. In the EU all workers have a right to health and safety at work. We only work with ateliers bound by this standard. 

We want to thank you for always asking the questions; keeping us accountable and challenging us to be better.

Aliska & Cylia



If you have any questions about our production or supply chain please send an e-mail to Aliska Hofer (Design & Production Lead) at