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Article: Daydreaming with Angelique

Daydreaming with Angelique

Daydreaming with Angelique

Describe yourself 

Hi! I'm Angelique, I'm currently 22 and will be graduating soon as a visual web designer with a minor in Copywriting! :) I was born and brought up on a tiny little island called Aruba (only 32km long), and moved to Amsterdam just a little over 4 years ago. I have two very fluffy kitties, and I love to spend my free time learning about ways to implement sustainability on a daily basis, and researching vintage interior design.

Biggest dream?

To be able to work on projects with people and brands that are in line with my own personal values.

What does nostalgia mean to you?

The word "nostalgia" almost gives me a warm-tummy-feeling, similar to when you get butterflies while thinking about something you love.



Favourite summer memory…

This past summer has been one of my most memorable so far. I finally gave in and took a dip in Amsterdam's water! Might not sound like a big deal, but I was spoiled back home growing up with crystal clear water lols! I wouldn't trust any other water where I couldn't see my own toes. But this summer, all of my favourite memories were during hot summer afternoons, where we spent the whole day swimming, snacking, talking & laughing. Those days just felt endless and were filled with so much happiness.

What feeling does this give you?

You never want to stop making summer memories, but you know they will end soon. So you try to treasure every minute of summer. I feel like I am more present during the summer months, because I am aware that this city is only like this for a few months of the year. I appreciate the longer days, the sun rays and everything that comes along with those two things.


Tell us about the places or things that make you feel nostalgic

When I am back home on Aruba, even just driving past my old middle- and high school makes me feel nostalgic. I think of all the memories I have made at those schools, the friendships I have formed and everything I experienced during that period of my life. The years I spent at those schools are ultimately what shaped me into the person I am today, so those memories will always have a special place in my heart.

What is your favourite outfit that you feel comfortable in?

This summer I have been rocking oversized t-shirts and boxy tanktops, together with my longer/bermuda style shorts. Kind of reminds me of what I used to wear as a child, when I would help my dad in the garden on the weekends (see photo).

What is a memory you draw positive energy from?

I love to draw positive energy from the most memorable, happy moments in my life, moments where I felt like I was literally on top of the world, so happy I could have screamed my lungs out. About a year ago, my boyfriend and I moved together into our dream apartment. I just remember that whole day feeling so surreal, as if we had been waiting for this day to come ever since we moved to Amsterdam 4 years ago.

Reoccurring daydream?

I catch myself daydreaming a lot at home, since my home is like my little sacred bubble of peace. It's where I am to relax, to grow, to nourish myself, to spend time with myself, my boyfriend and our two cats. I catch myself daydreaming about what the future will bring, what it will look like. All I wish for is for people to become more aware of our surroundings in regards to nature and make more responsible, conscious choices in their daily lives. It sounds very cheesy, but I mean how cool would that be?!

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